Kyrkbacken Harbour Museum

The photos to the right are from the early 21st century. The Harbour Museum describes the the history of Kyrkbacken; how life here has been affected by war, seafaring and religion; what the sea gave and what it took.

The museum is currently closed.

A Short History of Kyrkbacken Harbour

1846 The 300-years anniversary of Tycho Brahe's landing
on the island is celebrated.

1861 The fishermen in the harbour start a school.

1880 Kyrkbacken Harbour AB (Ltd. Co.) is registered.

1889 Three fishermen who had been doing dredge-work on the harbour go on strike. The Harbour's board of directors consequently replies with a lifetime ban from work at the harbour for the three fishermen.

1902 A terrible storm, 2 days after Christmas Eve, causes severe damage to the harbour.

1905 Kyrkbacken Harbour AB applies for a state grant in order to improve the harbour's strength and capacity.

1907 The Harbour builds a tollhouse.

1942 A certain harbour basin for fishing boats is being built.

1960 A major renovation of the southern bridge is undertaken.

1996 Kyrkbacken Harbour celebrates its 150th anniversary. The famous Swedish actor Sven Wolter inaugurates the exhibition ”Kyrkbacken and its History”.
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